Exclusive Micro Mist Hair Treatment at Natka Hair & Beauty Salon

With the renowned and exclusive Micro Mist Hair Treatment we will give you the most sexy, stylish and healthy hair. It will also make your tints and highlights last longer.

How the Micro Mist Hair Treatment works

How Micro Mist Works

The hair cuticle is opened when the Micro mIst heats it up to 40 – 50 degrees celcius with heated water vapour. This heated water vapour activates the molecular movement of treatment or colour particles. This allows these particles to penetrate deep into the opened cuticle.
The treatment or colour particles are also able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. In the case of a treatment, the treatment particles are able to heal the damage and restore the natural cell membrane complex.
Our Hair Salon Services are available till 7pm on weekdays.

Micro Mist in Natka Hair and Beauty Salon, Lambton, Germiston

The price list for the Micro Mist Hair Treatment

Micro Mist Hair Treatment Hair Salon Services
Micro Mist Treatment R150.00
Basin Treatment R80.00
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